The Cohoes High School Alumni Association

The Cohoes High School Alumni Association has been in existence since the 1950s. It began as a support group for senior class activities, and awarding scholarships for graduates became its main activity. By 1998, funds had dwindled and would have been gone in three years, but the committee planning the "Fabulous Fifties Reunion" that year decided to make the association's reorganization part of its reunion plans. Letters were sent with invitations seeking yearly dues and contributions, and now the organization is flourishing. The Cohoes High School Alumni Association has 501(c)(3) Status with IRS and contributions made are tax-deductible.


                             PRESIDENTS CORNER

    Greeting to all and thank you for your support of The Alumni. . When driving down Columbia Street on a daily basis, I cannot help but reminisce on what use to be. Memories flash through my mind!

   Oh! there is Miss Gilchrest’s house on my right as I approach where the Cohoes High School was and is now the Cohoes Middle School. To my left is where Hagadorn’s used to be. Remember the crowd at lunch time and how we crossed Columbia Street carefully to hurry back to class?

    Going home, it was downhill all the way to Van Schaick Island where I lived. You could always smell the pizza as we passed by Danny’s. Take a glance to our left to see Martha Lacy’s. What a great Sundae was prepared there! We pass by the house where the Comley’s lived and the Sangamon Mills were spinning the greatest dishcloths in the country.

   We could also stop by Howard’s if we needed a snack or a Coca Cola.

    Crossing Main Street, we headed toward the island and passed Mrs. Biskin’s house on the right on Saratoga Street. Crossing Saratoga Street, we pass by Carlson’s. Parents never had to worry about who was watching their children as the Carlson’s were right on top of it.

   Depending on the season, it was the place to be to either swim or skate with your friends.

   I could go on forever but there is just so much room in this newsletter.

   Thank you for letting me share some of my memories and for all everyone has done to support The CHS Alumni.


Barbara McDonald, President


The Alumni Association is non-profit and all contributions are tax deductible.

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