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The Cohoes High School Alumni Association has been in existence since the 1950s. It began as a support group for senior class activities, and awarding scholarships for graduates became its main activity. By 1998, funds had dwindled and would have been gone in three years, but the committee planning the "Fabulous Fifties Reunion" that year decided to make the association's reorganization part of its reunion plans. Letters were sent with invitations seeking yearly dues and contributions, and now the organization is flourishing. The Cohoes High School Alumni Association has 501(c)(3) Status with IRS and contributions made are tax-deductible.


                             PRESIDENTS CORNER

    Another year has gone by and we had a very successful Awards Night on June 21,2018 at The Cohoes High School auditorium.

    The Alumni Association presented 30 awards, thanks to the wonderful support of you the donors to the CHS Alumni Association. In total the awards were $29,200 distributed to 24 students. Great job everyone. Thank you very much for your generous donations. .

    Things are good in Cohoes everything seems to be moving along smoothly.

    We did have a fire on Remsen Street across the street from our drug store. A resident of Main Street was using his grill to forge a sword as he saw on TV. The wind came up, sparks flew and all the buildings from Dr. Herold’s building south down to but not including the garage on the corner of Remsen and Columbia Street burned down.

    Sparks were flying up Remsen Street and Smith’s Restaurant had damage to it’s roof.

    All is good again and back to normal. It is sad to announce that Miriam Biskin passed away this year. I never had Miriam Biskin as a teacher although I knew her through the years as a customer. One day she came in the store and asked me if I would like to be President of the CHS Alumni Association. My reply was I did not know we had one but sure I am willing to take it over.

    Sometime before that we that we hosted the CHS ”The Fabulous Fifties Reunion”. Michaels Banquet House, Smith’s Restaurant and the Elk’ Club in Cohoes were venues for a week-end celebration. We were organized and pulled this group together to form the Alumni Association. It grew as we reached out to people in each class to come join us.

    Hope you can join us at the Picnic, September 16th at the Ukrainian Park in Cohoes.

Thank You
Barb McDonald


The Alumni Association is non-profit and all contributions are tax deductible.

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