The Cohoes High School Alumni Association

The Cohoes High School Alumni Association has been in existence since the 1950s. It began as a support group for senior class activities, and awarding scholarships for graduates became its main activity. By 1998, funds had dwindled and would have been gone in three years, but the committee planning the "Fabulous Fifties Reunion" that year decided to make the association's reorganization part of its reunion plans. Letters were sent with invitations seeking yearly dues and contributions, and now the organization is flourishing. The Cohoes High School Alumni Association has 501(c)(3) Status with IRS and contributions made are tax-deductible.


                             PRESIDENTS CORNER

    Welcome to the Spring edition of the Cohoes High School newsletter. It is not quite Spring in Cohoes as we are having an exceptionally cold winter.

   It is ok, and reminds me of the days we used to skate at Carlson’s ice skating rink. It was never too cold then. Of course, we were a wee bit younger also.

   Thoughts come to mind all the time of going to Carlson’s, Guptill’s and St. Agnes’s Lyceum to skate, along with the wonderful times we shared with each other and the great environ-ment we had.

   I always think we lived the show “Happy Days”.

    Happy Days are here for me also since I have finally finished reconciling the mail list. When we send the newsletter out bulk mail we do not get any returns. When we sent it first class, as the last mailing was, we received hundreds of returns.

   I was overwhelmed with the task ahead of me, so I called on members of the alumni in Cohoes to help me.

   Special thanks to Carol Desnoyers who helped not only with finding where people are but also a website that helped all of us in the endeavor. The group that helped me and saved me were Colleen McDonald, Carol Connelly, Carol Desnoyers and Linda Trembly. Special thanks to all of them.

   On page 4 there is a list of missing alumni. If you recognize anyone and know where these alumni are, I would appreciate any information you have. Please e-mail or phone me.

   We will have a meeting of the alumni at 6 pm on Thursday, April 19th, my home at 60 Simmons Ave, Cohoes. Please let me know if you would like to attend or if you have any information you would like presented at the meeting.

   The CHS Awards night is at 6 PM Thursday, June 21st at the Cohoes High School. If you are interested in creating an award and or presenting an award, please contact me.

   Thank you all for your support. Years ago the Cohoes Business Association wanted to create a motto for Cohoes. After a brainstorming, we came up with, “Cohoes, a Community that Cares”.

   That motto is certainly exemplified in the financial response the CHS Alumni has had these last 20 years, from you the alumni.

Thank You
Barb McDonald


The Alumni Association is non-profit and all contributions are tax deductible.

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